Student Life

Student Life

An Engaged Student Life that Fosters a Growing Faith in God
Mid-America Christian University strives to be an authentic Christian community that challenges students to respond to Christ with their minds, hearts, and bodies. To this end, as a student, you and your peers will pursue a transformational journey that:

  • Introduces you to the foremost knowledge regarding your field of study
  • Challenges your thoughts and exposes you to new ideas and opportunities.
  • Encourages your devotion to God.
  • Inspires you to be a person of action on behalf of the needs of others.
  • Equips you with the tools and skills you needed to advance personally and professionally.  

A Community of Support and Growth
The Mid-America community features an engaged staff, faculty mentors, and peer groups that reinforce authentic Spirit-filled living.  We encourage students to not merely “follow the rules” of what is expected in a Christian community, but to press toward the joy of knowing God in a way that impact not only their life, but those around them for good.  

Small Group Discipleship and Community Worship
Corporate worship opportunities, discipleship, small group participation, and personal accountability are essential to authentic Christian living at MACU. Bi-annual Spiritual Emphasis Weeks, Women’s Groups, Fellowship of Christian Athletes meetings, and University Chapel every Wednesday and Friday morning form the foundation of spiritual life on campus.

The Vibrant Oklahoma City Church Community
As an endorsed agency of the Church of God, Mid-America Christian University encourages local church attendance. Many of our students attend Crossing Community Church and Shartel Church of God in Oklahoma City.  Make sure you get connected to the local church of your choosing!

A Spirit of Service: Crossing Campus, Community, Cultures and Continents
At Mid-America, we’re not only equipping students to do well in life—we’re preparing them to “do good” too—wherever they go!   In fact, 100% of Mid-America’s on-campus students participate in organized community-service projects throughout Oklahoma City. Many of these same students also volunteer for special teams that travel over fall and spring breaks to help nearby neighbors in-need. Last year, 14 students helped families devastated by the Joplin tornado by providing neighborhood clean-up and home repairs.  Others students have traveled to Asia, Europe, and Africa, through the MACU Study Abroad Program, where they not only provided personal ministry, but also performed practical service like digging fresh water wells in Uganda.  This type of outreach helps students develop spiritual maturity, a heart of compassion, and to become people of action on behalf of those who need it most.

Faculty and Staff that Encourage and Inspire
Support and encouragement take many forms at MACU. Students have the opportunity to talk with faculty and staff about issues that are important to them and their future.  Faculty and peer-to-peer mentors help students learn to navigate college life and adjust to living in a campus community. On a more personal level, mentors can help students address questions such as:

  • How do I set priorities for my life?
  • What’s God’s vision for me professionally and personally?
  • How do I learn to juggle my studies and work commitments

Fun Things to Do and Great Ways to Get Involved
There’s always something to do at MACU. You’ll find exciting opportunities to volunteer, clubs to join, social causes, and community events to attend. Though your program of study will be a top priority, make sure to take advantage of social resources created especially for both MACU residential and commuting students, such as: Theology and Coffee, Devos After Dark, Drive-in Movie, intramural volleyball, soccer, and basketball, and much more.
You’ll also want to take advantage of area and regional sports, recreation, and cultural opportunities including Oklahoma City Thunder professional basketball, the Oklahoma City Museum of Art  the Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center, the Chickasaw Cultural Center, and many other cultural and recreational opportunities.

MACU offers apartment-style living (suites) for all students. Six (6) residence halls surround the student center and are only a short walk to the main building. Each suite has four bedrooms; three are single occupancy and the fourth is dual occupancy. These rooms lead into a large living area. The suites also have a private sink and bath suite mates share.

The suites are equipped with wireless, or direct-connect, high-speed Internet and basic cable.

Our housing area also hosts the Fowler Student Center. The student center provides Internet stations, a mailroom, big screen TV's, a movie room, vending machines, laundry facilities, and it is a completely wireless environment. The student center houses our Resident Director's Offices and the Director of Campus Ministries.

The MACU cafeteria provides flexible eating arrangements to meet all students' various schedules. The relaxed dining atmosphere offers students access to high speed wireless Internet for those wanting to completehomework as well as flat screen televisions for students who just want to hang out and watch sports or the latest happening in news.

Managed by Pioneer University Caterers, Inc., the cafeteria is open from 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. offering a continuous serve meal schedule. Continuous serve allows students to eat at any time during cafeteria hours. Students have unlimited access to a deli bar, hot meal bar, salad bar, pizza bar, breakfast bar, desert bar, and all you can drink fountain drinks, tea, water, milk, and assorted fruit juices.

Off-campus students may purchase a meal plan through the Business Office, or single meals may be purchased in the cafeteria. For students on the go, the cafeteria offers takeout meals and works to accommodate various student schedules.

Intramural Athletics
Our intramural athletic program challenges student to stay fit physically and familiarize themselves with a wide variety of sports and activities. A Christ-centered sportsmanship assures that everyone is challenged, strengthened, and gains something from the spirit of competition. Some of our intramural sports include: flag football, soccer, volleyball, softball, basketball, pool, etc. MACU's faculty and staff often enter teams to participate with the students.

Social Activities
When you need to take a break from your studies, there are all kinds of options at MACU. The Social Committee at MACU provides monthly opportunities for students to get involved in monthly on-campus events or off-campus adventures. Some events include: coffeehouse socials with karaoke, an evening masquerade, and a trip to Dallas for Six Flags and Texas Rangers baseball. We also plan events visiting some of our local attractions such as the NBA's Oklahoma City Thunder, the CHL's Oklahoma City Blazers, the Triple-A Oklahoma Redhawks, or a trip downtown to OKC's Bricktown for a night out on the town.

Oklahoma City provides opportunities for major concert tours at the Ford Center or at Frontier City (a local theme park).

Servant Opportunities
MACU learning takes place both in and out of the classroom. There are many opportunities for you to get involved and make your college experience an adventure. MACU creates opportunities for an individual to serve the community and the church across the nation through our ministries teams. These teams may be trios, quartets, ensembles, our MACU Concert Choir or praise and worship teams sent to minister to local churches or conventions. Other ministry teams work on campus and in churches throughout the summer counseling, preaching, singing, and ministering through drama.

Missions trips over Thanksgiving, Christmas, spring break, or the summer provide students the opportunity to give back to their local community or travel outside the U.S. and serve globally.


24-Hour Public Safety Phone

Mid-America Christian University Department of Public Safety employs four state-certified police officers, three reserve police officers and two Public Safety Officers. The department operates 24 hours a day, which provides the MACU community with around the clock service and protection. Police and/or Public Safety Officers patrol the university on a regular basis.

In an effort to continue to provide a safe atmosphere for all students, faculty, and staff, MACU has launched several initiatives recently:

  • MACU has installed emergency alert speakers throughout the campus for rapid notification of emergencies.

  • MACU has installed security cameras throughout the campus allowing for remote monitoring 24 hours a day by safety officials.

  • MACU will deploy a mass notification system in Fall 2009 using text messaging technologies to notify all students of emergencies and/or school closings.

  • MACU provides all dorm living rooms with a public telephone connection with the ability to place 911 emergency calls.

  • MACU Department of Public Safety works closely with the Office for Student Services to provide local resources for students dealing with mental health issues.