Student Life

MACU offers apartment-style living (suites) for all students. Six (6) residence halls surround the student center and are only a short walk to the main building. Each suite has four bedrooms; three are single occupancy and the fourth is dual occupancy. These rooms lead into a large living area. The suites also have a private sink and bath suite mates share.

The suites are equipped with wireless, or direct-connect, high-speed Internet and basic cable.

Our housing area also hosts the Fowler Student Center. The student center provides Internet stations, a mailroom, big screen TV's, a movie room, vending machines, laundry facilities, and it is a completely wireless environment. The student center houses our Resident Director's Offices and the Director of Campus Ministries.

The MACU cafeteria provides flexible eating arrangements to meet all students' various schedules. The relaxed dining atmosphere offers students access to high speed wireless Internet for those wanting to completehomework as well as flat screen televisions for students who just want to hang out and watch sports or the latest happening in news.

Managed by Pioneer University Caterers, Inc., the cafeteria is open from 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. offering a continuous serve meal schedule. Continuous serve allows students to eat at any time during cafeteria hours. Students have unlimited access to a deli bar, hot meal bar, salad bar, pizza bar, breakfast bar, desert bar, and all you can drink fountain drinks, tea, water, milk, and assorted fruit juices.

Off-campus students may purchase a meal plan through the Business Office, or single meals may be purchased in the cafeteria. For students on the go, the cafeteria offers takeout meals and works to accommodate various student schedules.