Department of Public Safety

The following steps should be followed if a gas leak is suspected:

  1. Notify the MACU Police Department at (405) 692-3100 or 711 from a University phone immediately if a gas leak is suspected. Provide details about the location and circumstances. The MACU Police Department will respond and will also notify Facilities Management.

  2. Evacuate the area as quickly as possible, moving to an outside location at least 500 feet from the location of the suspected leak.

  3. As you exit, do not turn on/off any light or electrical switches, do not activate the fire alarm, and do not use the elevator. Also, leave the door to the room with the suspected leak open so that the gas will more readily disperse.

  4. The MACU Police Department officer on the scene will be responsible for making sure that no one enters the building until permitted. The officer is authorized to request faculty/staff assistance to accomplish this.

  5. Facilities Management will investigate the possible leak and either fixes it, or call the appropriate electric utility or contractor to repair the leak.

  6. Facilities Management will communicate to the MACU Police Department personnel when corrective action has been completed and when reentry is safe. The MACU Police Department will then provide access accordingly.

  7. The MACU Vice President for Strategic Communications will communicate with University personnel and the media as appropriate.