Department of Public Safety

Each emergency first aid situation is unique; therefore, the steps you should take in response to these situations may vary, as may the order of the steps. What does not vary, however, is that all injuries and illnesses requiring medical attention must be reported to the MACU Police Department. While it is impossible to address every conceivable injury or illness, the following procedures generally apply.

  • Check the scene to make sure it is safe for you to respond.

  • Call or instruct someone else to call The MACU Police Department at (405) 692-3100 or 711 from a University phone, or in case of immediate risk to life or health, call 911 and convey the following information:

  1. The nature of the illness or injury; the location of the ill or injured person;

  2. A description of the person, including approximate age, race, and sex;

  3. A description of the person’s medical symptoms or complaints;

  4. A description of the person’s activities prior to the onset of the symptoms or complaints.

  • Remain or ask someone to remain on the line with the MACU Police Department officer in case follow-up information is necessary.

  • Render any immediate first aid you are qualified to provide. Do not move injured persons unless a life-threatening condition such as a fire exists.

  • Remain or instruct someone to remain at the scene as long as necessary to assist the MACU Police Department and/or other responding personnel.