Department of Public Safety

Most campus demonstrations, whether they are marches, meetings, pickets or rallies, are peaceful and non-obstructive. However, in the event that they are not, or in the event that disruptive demonstrations in the community spill over to the campus, the procedures outlined below shall be followed. The statutory authority for these procedures is what stipulates that it is unlawful for any person to willfully or unnecessarily interfere with or disturb in any way or in any place the students of any school or college in the state. Additionally, this statute indicates that it is unlawful for any person to enter, except on business, any such school or college premises without the permission of the principal or president.

  1. Any University official or personnel who learn of a demonstration or planned demonstration must report it to the MACU Police Department immediately.
  2. The MACU Police Department must report any such demonstrations to the President, who has the right to deny the demonstration to take place on a MACU campus.

  3. Demonstrators who cause disruption or disturb University activities will be informed by the MACU Police Department of the pertinent statute and given official trespass or disturbing school notices. The MACU Police Department shall also advise the demonstrators to disperse by a specified time.

  4. If the demonstrators do not disperse by the specified time, the MACU Police Department official in charge will consult with the President or the designated University official to determine if intervention is necessary. The safety of all University personnel is most important.

  5. The MACU Police Department may request additional personnel from county or state agencies to maintain peace and crowd control.

  6. If necessary, demonstrators will be arrested, processed, and detained.

  7. The MACU Police Department will coordinate activities with county and state authorities in the event that an off campus disturbance or demonstration interferes with the safety of university personnel and students en route to and from University campuses.

  8. The University’s Vice President for Strategic Communications will be responsible for communicating relevant information about any demonstration to the media and University community.