History of Mid-America Christian University

Mid-America was established originally as South Texas Bible Institute (STBI), Houston, Texas, September 14, 1953, by Dr. Max R. Gaulke. The college utilized the facilities of the First Church of God. Dr. Gaulke served as president from 1953-1975.

South Texas Bible Institute was recognized and chartered as an institution of higher education by the state of Texas. The first class began with twenty-six students but steadily gained in popularity among those seeking pastoral and ministry training, but also among those in the community seeking higher education from a Christian perspective.  

STBI responded to this demand in the fall of 1955 by restructuring to a three-year institute to a four- year. In that same year, the board of trustees voted to change the name of the institution Gulf-Coast Bible College (GBC). This allowed the school to move toward possible accreditation and the acceptance of GBC credits by other colleges and universities.

Expansion and Accreditation
From its early beginnings, it was the intent for the school to be part of the larger Church of God movement, and was linked to Anderson, IN.  

In 1966, Gulf-Coast Bible College became an associate member of the American Association of Bible Colleges (AABC). Full membership was granted by the AABC, in 1968, and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), the regional accrediting association, granted GBC full accreditation in 1978.

Church of God (Anderson, IN)
The relationship between the college and the Church of God began in June of 1968, when the university was known as Gulf-Coast Bible College (GBC), and still located in Houston, Texas.  In June of that year, GBC became a general agency of the Church of God (Anderson, IN).  

In June of 1968, Gulf-Coast Bible College became a general agency of the Church of God (Anderson, IN). As a result of this action by the General Assembly, the GBC was granted representation on the Executive Council of the Church of God and full membership on the Commission on Higher Education of the Church of God.

The Move to Oklahoma City, OK
In 1975, John W. Conley became the second president of GBC, serving until 1988.
In 1983, without sufficient room for expansion at the Houston location, and after a lengthy study of the situation, it was determined that the college should be relocated to Oklahoma City.  May 9, 1984, ground was broken for the new campus, and the new campus dedication occurred September 5-8, 1985. In recognition of the relocation, the college was renamed: Mid-America Christian Bible College.

Moving to Oklahoma City placed the college under a new regional accreditation body, the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.  In 1989, Forrest Robinson, a board member at that time and a graduate of Gulf Coast Bible College, was named interim president after President Conley stepped down. In 1990, Robinson was named the third president of the college. Robinson served nine years as president and retired in 1999.

Dr. John Fozard Named President
In June of 1999, Board of Trustee member, Dr. John D. Fozard became president and continues in that role. As president, Dr. Fozard has played a significant role in securing the financial stability of the university. As further indication of the institution’s growth, the college was renamed Mid-America Christian University in 2002

Notably, President Fozard has spearheaded an unprecedented recruitment campaign that’s led to a 169% increase in student enrollment between the years of 2009-2012. On October 10, 2012, Mid-America Christian University held a groundbreaking service for a new 32,000-sq.-ft. educational facility that will be called Kennedy Hall. Anticipated completion date for the building is December 2013. Thanks to significant contributions—public and private—the building is virtually paid for at the outset of construction.  

From this point on—we are writing history together! We invite you to join us.